Preventing Falls

   According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly, with the rate at which falls lead to fatalities increasing each year. However, falls are not limited to geriatric patients, and the number of falls within hospitals was estimated to be within 700,000 and one million last year. Hospitals are spending millions of dollars on solutions that attempt to notify nurses based upon highly inaccurate measurements, leading to a high rate of false alarms and very low accuracy. As a result, nurses suffer from alarm fatigue and are frustrated with the current solutions for fall prevention.
   The majority of falls within hospital rooms occur as patients get up from bed unattended, as they often overestimate their strength. We are creating a system for preventing these falls, consisting of a lightweight wearable patient monitor that alerts nurses when patients are out of bed. In doing so, we prevent the incidence of false alarms which contribute heavily to nurse alarm fatigue. Additionally, our device provides patients with access to automatic and expedited nurse attention without being intrusive.

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