Levitas Technologies

Wearable Devices for Fall Prevention

For Hospitals

Wearable patient activity monitors that alert nurses of risky behavior to prevent needless injury from patient accidents in a way that minimizes false alarms

For Long Term and Sub-Acute Care

Resident monitoring systems that improve quality and efficiency of care while allowing seniors to maintain their independence and dignity

What We Do

We Help Nurses and Aides

Constant false alarms divide caretaker attention. Levitas reduces alarm fatigue and helps them be where they need to.

We Help Patients

Falls are the leading cause of death in individuals over the age of 65, but can happen to anyone. Levitas can help keep you safe.

We Help Facilities

Falls cost hospitals billions of dollars in direct costs. Levitas can prevent needless cost due to readmissions.

We Help Families

Levitas helps ensure your loved ones are safe and secure, granting you peace of mind.

The Levitas Team

We are a team comprising years of patient care and technical experience suited for innovation in the healthcare ecosystem. We won the NYU Healthcare Makerthon, won the NYU-Yale Pitch Off, were finalists in the NYU EIA InnoVention competition, and are now in the NYU Summer Launchpad Accelerator.

Amar Seoparson

Electrical engineer with experience in both senior care and artificial intelligence

Anthony Oganov

Former EMT with experience in patient care and neuroscience research

Sayed Ananda

Manufacturing intern with experience in design and modeling

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